TUSA Tina Mask Review

On our recent trip to Mauritius, I was asked to review the TUSA Tina Mask  for Mike's Dive Store. Designed with women in mind, this mask is one of the latest to come from Freedom Technology and it's more distinguishing feature is the ability to add accessories for personalisation. Features Freedom - Freedom technology is a term …


Mantas vs Sharks – Diving the Revillagigedo Islands

The Revillagigedo islands (other than having one of the most complicated names) is undoubtedly the trending dive destination of the moment for pelagic encounters. Known for its Giant Oceanic Mantas, it seems every dive magazine, blog and article is talking about these waters. Well, March 2016 was our turn to experience it. Sailing 240 nautical miles from Cabo San Lucas on the Nautilus Belle Amie to the first Island, San Benedicto.

First Award!

Anybody starting out in Underwater Photography or Video will know that for the most part, you take shots for your family and friends - capturing a moment in time for all to share. Quite often, the footage is similar to other Divers, dancing coral, curious Clown fish, troublesome Lion fish, there may occasionally be an angry …