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Here at Black Manta Photography, we want to share our travels and passion for the amazing world of Scuba Diving. From the exquisite waters of the Indian Ocean to the remote islands of Micronesia, we share our experiences through blogs, vlogs, photo & video.

Working with other scuba fanatics such as Scubaverse, Scuba Diver Magazine & Mike’s Dive Store, we offer personal reviews of the places we visit & the latest products available. Check out our site and social media to see where our adventures have taken us so far!


Latest News

It’s finally here, the biggest dive computer review we have ever done! Richard had the rare opportunity to test out 4 market leading dive computers, covering the Suunto D5, Shearwater Teric, Garmin Descent MK1 and Ratio iDive Colour easy. Check it out here!

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We get all of our dive essentials and camera equipment from the guys at Mike’s Dive Store/Cameras. We also work with them to test and review all the latest gadgets and dive products that come to market. Simply click on the link above to be taken to their website.